Facebook introduce job postings feature

Facebook’s job listings feature has gotten so popular that the social media giant is expanding it internationally.

The firm said on Wednesday that its job-hunting service is expanding to 40 more countries in the next few weeks, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

Facebook introduced jobs listings in the US and Canada last year.

However, the company says it has added new tools such as the ability to schedule interviews and create job posts on mobile. Job searchers can also make alerts for positions they are looking for.

LinkedIn has more than 546 million users in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. This could be a threat to LinkedIn if people get their first jobs through Facebook and begins to identify the platform as the go-to labour marketplace.

Facebook is betting big on business-related products and programs and it has to invest $1 billion in this area since 2011. The company is particularly interested in working with small businesses, which are valuable for the company’s advertising operation.

One in four people in the United States said they have looked for or found a job via Facebook, according to a survey. The move mostly aims to fill roles at local businesses.

Local businesses created more than 60% of new jobs. They want to help people find those jobs and help local businesses hire the right people, said Alex Himel, vice president of local at Facebook.

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