Top Instagram updates you need to know for April 2018

If you’re keeping up with social media changes, it’s likely that you’ve been drowning in the recent Facebook updates.

They’ve had a big reaction to all the controversy, and we’re excited to see how they’re making the platform better for both users and advertisers.

But what about Instagram?

Facebook’s getting all the attention, and it’s been easy to miss some really exciting updates happening on the platform if you weren’t looking out for them.

Fortunately for everyone, we are always keeping an eye on all things social media, and all the changes that are happening.

And Instagram has kept us busy this month.

In this April edition of our monthly Instagram updates, we’ll go over new great features like adding hashtags to your profile and new portrait modes.

And we’ll also take a look at how the privacy and data concerns have affected Instagram, too.

Ready to start?

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